Why and What is Geothermal

Why is Geothermal Energy Needed:
Renewables Directive

Ireland’s binding targets set out by the now-repealed Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC) were not met by 2020. 

Energy Security

'Vulnerable' Ireland could face being cut off if UK experiences gas shortage, warns leading MEP’, Sky News 2022. 

Sustainable Growth

In July 2022, IDA noted that security of supply, availability and power generation are a concern for international tech companies and data centre operators. Adding to the grid though geothermal is about keeping and attracting industry into Ireland which translates into sustainable jobs.

Playing Catch-up

“Ireland’s poor performance in renewable heat is the biggest reason for us failing to achieve our overall renewable energy target (for 2020).” – SEAI Renewable Energy in Ireland: 2020 Report


What is Geothermal Energy:
A renewable resource that is available permanently
- This permanently available energy 24x7. 
- Production resources never deplete
- 100% natural
An ecologically clean resource
- Very low environmental impact
- Perfect source for the local supply
A local resource that is available everywhere
- Found on every continent. 
- NOT Dependent on specific geology
- Can regulate the volume you want to use
- Can be setup in Urban areas where space is limited as most of the system is below the ground, a big advantage over other renewable froms of energy generation

5 MW Energy Output of Geothermal versus Wind and Solar
Land Use Generated (MW / hectare) - 0.02
Output Requirement - 17MW @ 30% uptime to achieve 5 MW
Land Use Generated (MW / hectare) - 0.10
Output Requirement - 13.5MW @ 40% uptime to achieve 5 MW
Geothermal (Using Eavor System)
Land Use Generated (MW / hectare) - 3.67
Output Requirement ≈5MW @ 99.5% uptime to achieve 5 MW
(Based on Analysis for USA wind and solar plants) https://www.freeingenergy.com/math/solar-pv-land-acres-hectares-miles-m118/

Reliable Baseload Power
Using the correct Geothermal solution will give a capacity factor of approximately 100% when being used to produce baseload power

For the same surface land use, it can be expected to generate at least 35x more power than solar and 180x more than wind