What We Do

Deep Geothermal
- Potential to provide Ireland 5GW of heat & 15GW of power  
- Enough to provide heat & hot water for 1,000,000 homes
- Eliminating the need for Fossil Fuels
- Reduction in private heat pumps
- Offset Ireland’s existing CO2 outputs
- Decarbonisation of energy intensive businesses
- Provide a base secure load
- Deliver Sustainable growth 

Leveraging our collective expertise
- ESG / Sustainability
- Oil & Gas expertise
- Constructing & Engineering
- Finance 

Teirmeach Energy's Capabilities
Teirmeach Energy has formulated the inhouse team and external partners with expertise in each of the following areas to span the entire geothermal project lifecycle.

Engineering Services
- Analysis and modeling
- Project engineering
- Project development
- Technical consulting
- Procurement of equipment and services
- Environmental studies, research, testing, and engineering
Construction and Installation
- Construction project management
- Permit and concession services
- Well pad preparation
- Drilling
- Equipment installation
- Testing and commission
Operation and Maintenance
- Project operation and maintenance services
- Monitoring
- Reporting

Evolution of Geothermal and Drilling Technologies

Geothermal technology evolution