About Us

In 2021 Teirmeach Energy began as a result of the real crisis facing Ireland and the planet as a whole. Being parents & the majority of founders coming from industries that directly contribute to where we are, resulted in a call to action. Ironically the experience gained within oil & gas and construction are now being harnessed to reverse the damage caused to our planet and help to leave a more sustainable environment for future generations to thrive in. Geothermal energy is the largest source of clean energy on earth with the potential to provide a 24/7 supply and never deplete. Geothermal is a proven technology being used around the world for over 50 years as a clean energy source. Whilst Geothermal plants were previously often restricted to remote places with low density populations, where the earths geology provided natural crevasses and sources of hot water, these restrictions can now be overcome. Advances in deep drilling tools and techniques mean that Geothermal energy resources can now be found in areas where there is no volcanic activity and far from tectonic plate boundaries. Teirmeach Energy has assembled a vastly experienced, cross functional team to bring this technology to Ireland and beyond.
Their expertise includes:
- Geophysics
- Deep drilling
- Financing
- Project Development and Management
- Quality Management and Procurement